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Recognizing the growing need in the LED lighting industry, GreenTeck has enhanced our 

capabilities toprovide customers with high quality electronic assembly for LED lighting applications. 

GreenTeck has extensive manufacturing experience in the emerging high brightness (HB) LED

 industry. Our manufacturing engineering team understands the thermal management challenges, 

has the necessary custom fixturing,and existing tooling for the handling and placement of HB-LEDs.

In addition, our electronic LED assembly ocess accommodates some of the most difficult matching 

and binning controls.Our operation and systems are tailored to support LED lighting products and 

include turnkey manufacturing (from prototyping through production) along with value added services

 like design for manufacturing/testability, and box build assembly.

Some of our customers' products include:

  • Commercial light fixtures                                        
  • Control boards
  • Industrial signage                                                         
  • LED driver assemblies
  • Light strips and chains
  • Solar powered premise lighting