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what's pcb and pcba

PCB is printed circuit board,it includes 1layer to 32 layers,and materials include FR4,FR1,CEM3,TG170,ROGERS etc,And pcb thickness could be 0.4mm-3mm,surface finish could be HASL,immersion gold,OSP,immersion silver,ENIG etc.

For standard pcb is FR4 material,1.6mm thickness,green soldermaks,1oz copper thickness,lead free HASL finish.

pcb cost is very cheap,you could contact our sales for the cheapest price.

PCBA means pcb assemblies,you have to source all the components in the bill of materials and mount them on the PCB,the components type could be SMD or DIP.

Turnkey pcb assembly services means the manufacturer will provide pcbs,components and final assembly services,also may include IC programming and functional testing etc

Customers also could provide pcbs and components to the manufacturer and the manufacturer only provide assembly and testing services.

In Greenteckpcba,we provide both pcb service and pcba services.

To find a best partner,you have to not only focus on the costs,but also on the on-time delivery and fast response and original materials.

Greenteck provide 24hours sales services,you could contact our sales for inquiry or any questions via email or skype anytime.We will response faster than any other companies.

We only provide original and new components to our customers in order to guarantte the quality.