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About Us

Company Profile

Greenteck was established in January 2002, is a professional PCB assembly and circuit board model, express and bulk of electronic products manufacturing services company, has 16 years of international experience in PCBA electronics manufacturing, is committed to single-sided, double-sided, multi-layer circuit Plate, aluminum plate, FPC flexible board and the combination of soft and hard manufacturing. The company has 10,000 square meters of standard printing production workshop, the existing staff of more than 300 people, trained in a PCB processing team of professionals, advanced technology and strong, on production capacity of 10,000 square meters and above. Factory configuration of the five SMT production lines, four DIP production lines, two finished assembly line and a large number of advanced testing and testing equipment.


Greenteck Main Products:

Medical equipment control:

blood oxygen meter control panel, medical care electric bed control panel, electronic blood pressure control panel, ventilator control panel, massage chair control panel, home therapy instrument control panel.

Home appliances control:

home appliance network controller, cabinet air conditioning control panel, electric water heater control panel, home range hood control panel, washing machine control panel.

Industrial equipment control:

motor control panel, industrial detector control panel.

LED lighting systems

Commnunication devices