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GreenTeck has the capability to provide in-house manufacturing for key automobile and vehicle

electronics elements such as RF, optical memory components, cable assemblies, PCB, PCBA, 

sub-assemblies and finished product.

Complex Technology & Manufacturing Automation The complex technology needed to realize 

advanced driver assistance systems and the driverless car includes communications, sensors, 

multimedia and high density electronics.

The stringent requirements of the automotive regulatory environment necessitate strong 

engineering and validation capability, along with state of the art manufacturing. One example of 

combining world-class manufacturing techniques such as Lean & Six Sigma Manufacturing together 

with Poke Yoke approaches is the manufacturing automation shown in the slider module above. 

This automatic line produces a finished product every 12 seconds with complete process 

reproducibility and repeatability.

Capabilities we provided:

Electrical Engineering
Electro-mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Printed Circuit Board Assembly
Precision Tooling
Injection Molding
Over Molding
Full Product Assembly
Global Procurement and Materials Management; China International Purchasing Organization (IPO)
In-house Testing