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Quickturn protoype IPC standard Turnkey pcb assembly

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We keep additional capacity, shorter time-to-market and State-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities.

NXT Surface Mount Technology (SMT) pick and place machine give us the capability to working on 

Surface Mount Technology (SMT) component package smaller than 01 005 which is 1/4 size of 020


GreenTeck currently has four Mydata SMT assembly lines because it provides the best performance, flexibility and reliability. The device platform maximizes the ability of GreenTeck to successfully produce low to medium volumes of various high-mix productions.

GreenTeck's SMT assembly features have the following advantages:
  • A full range of online SMT equipment, through automatic optical inspection for screen printing, providing excellent accuracy and excellent repeatability.
  • Allows quick setup and switching times and can be easily reconfigured as production requirements change.
  • The Aegis CAM software suite improves quality, reduces costs, and provides advanced support for batch traceability and quality reporting.
  • The unique Agilis feed system improves productivity by starting the loading and unloading of the feeder in a few seconds.
  • 100% electrical verification of all passive components.
  • The placement of the component spectrum from 0201 to micro BGA is processed.
  • The most advanced repair and maintenance equipment.
  • Internal X-ray equipment for BGA maintenance and inspection.